Concord Pilots License – Fanfest 2022

Generous Capsuleers have raised $3074 for AbleGamers so far! 

Sad you weren’t able to go to Fanfest this year?  Want to help a good cause?  Get your own official Concord Pilots License from Fanfest 2022 by making a donation to AbleGamers below!  We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to make a donation and get your own Concord Pilots License even if you aren’t at Fanfest this year.

Thanks to a very generous donation from an EVE Online player who wishes to remain anonymous, all shipping costs worldwide are covered so your entire donation (minus 1.9% payment processing fees) will go to AbleGamers!  We’ve set the suggested minimum donation at $2, but if you are able to donate more, please do so by typing the amount, and that’s what you will pay on checkout.

Please double-check that you input your EVE Online character’s name correctly.  Alternatively, you can link to your character’s “EveWho” profile if you prefer.  Delivery time is estimated at two weeks post Fanfest conclusion. That gives us time to complete your order and for the mail system to get it to you.

We thank you for your donation, fly safe!

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